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  • Tan Jiansheng

    Senior Vice President

    Tan Jiansheng,, male, , born in 1959, is a member of the Party Leadership Group and Senior Vice President of CGN. Tan Jiansheng entered the work force in 1982 and worked successively as general manager of the International Business Department of the Construction Bank of China Guangdong Branch, director and general manager of Huajian International Group, the window company in Hong Kong of China Cinda Asset Management Co, Ltd. In 2000, he was appointed successively as senior vice president, member of the Party Leadership Group of CGN, Chairman of the Board of Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Co, Ltd and CGN Uranium Resources Co, Ltd, and General Legal Counsel of CGN. Currently, Tan is in charge power, and energy-saving services; he also serves as vice of the market development and management of nuclear power, wind power, solar chairman of the China Development Institute (also known as "China’s think tank").
    Tan obtained a bachelor’s degree in infrastructure finance from Hubei College of Finance and Economics (presently known as Zhongnan University of Economics and Law) in August, 1982, and a master’s degree in economics from Sun Yat-sen University in July, 1992. He graduated from the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC with a master’s degree in legal theory in January, 2012. Tan was accredited as a senior economist by the China Construction Bank in December, 1992.