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CGN elected as member of IFCE council


China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) has become a council member of the International Forum for Clean Energy (Macao) (IFCE), according to an announcement at the second session of the general assembly of the IFCE council in Macao on Dec 12.

The assembly elected the new council and supervisory board members. CGN Chairman He Yu delivered a speech at the conference as the representative of council members.

He noted that CGN and IFCE share the same mission of developing clean energy. Joining the IFCE council has advantages for both CGN and IFCE, and advances Macao's role as "one center, one platform" in the clean energy industry.

He pledged that CGN will strive to propel the research and achievement transformation of the global clean energy industry, enhance comprehensive competitiveness for clean energy, and enlarge the IFCE’s influence around the world.

The International Forum for Clean Energy (Macao) is an international nonprofit organization with the aim of building a global clean-energy network that connects a wide range of key actors from government, industry, science and academia, to facilitate knowledge exchange, technical cooperation, and joint action towards a rapid global transition to the low-carbon society of sustainable energy.

The organization focuses on researching policies, supporting research, promoting investment and expanding markets for clean energy to enhance both the innovative power of clean energy technology and industry competitiveness.

The IFCE was established in April 2012 after joint advocacy by representatives from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Brazil, Russia, India, Angola, Portugal, South Korea, and Malaysia. It receives strong support from the government of the Macao Special Administrative Region.

The organization is committed to developing clean industry through various activities, publishing the Blue Book of Clean Energy -- an annual international report on clean energy -- supporting technological research and achievement transformation, and providing consulting services related to technology, policy development, industry, investment and markets for clean energy.

Wang Zhongyu, chairman of the China Enterprise Confederation/China Enterprise Directors Association and former vice chairman of National Committee the 10th CPPCC, currently serves as IFCE’s honorary director-general. Su Shuhui, CEO of SJM Holdings Limited and committee member of the CPPCC, is the director-general.