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Six CGN nuclear power sites recognized as national bases for energy education


Six nuclear power sites of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), were ranked in the first batch of national bases for energy science education on Dec 19.

The six sites are Daya Bay, Yangjiang, Taishan, Ningde, Hongyanhe, and Fangchenggang nuclear power sites.

Representatives including Shi Yubo, standing vice president of China Energy Research Society (CERS), Qin Zhijun, vice director of the nuclear power department of China's National Energy Administration and Tan Jiansheng, CGN’s senior vice president unveiled plaques for those recognized bases.

At the unveiling ceremony, Shi said that energy companies will attach greater importance to public communication and increase the transparency of information for public concerns, such as production safety and environmental protection. Meanwhile, the companies are encouraged to learn from each other, organize high-quality teams, set up efficient working mechanisms and build bases for energy science education. They will also step up efforts to enhance public recognition of clean energy and foster favorable atmosphere of public opinion for energy’s industrial development.

CGN’s innovative efforts on social communication play a positive role in the energy industry and more ‘transparent’ energy companies are expected,” Shi said.

According to Tan, the six nuclear power sites will continue to enhance communication with the public. CGN will also endeavor to popularize common knowledge of clean energy and raise public awareness of science technology. Besides, Tan noted that the wind and solar power stations of CGN will open to the public at a later date.

The designation of “National Bases for Energy Science Education” is organized by CERS, and invites domestic experts for selection. The recognition, valid for five years, aims to urge China’s energy companies to promote energy knowledge.

CGN is one of China’s key companies in clean energy industry, with installed capacity for clean energy reaching 46 GW. It has 20 nuclear power units in operation with a total installed capacity of over 21 GW.

As China's largestand the world's fifth-biggestnuclear operator, CGN is dedicated to popularizing nuclear power knowledge, creating a positive image for nuclear power companies and strengthening social communication. The company has constructed 12 exhibition halls of nuclear science education across the country, which are open all year round and have received more than 600,000 visitors to date.

CGN’s innovative efforts in social communication also included a nationwide activity in 2017 – the “Most beautiful wedding photos at a nuclear power plant” – which attracted attention and participation of 9 million people, as well as the promotion of nuclear power knowledge in schools, involving 120 schools and over 20,000 primary and middle school students. In addition to more than 10,000 volunteers, CGN has trained 500-plus lecturers in science education.

Six CGN’s nuclear power sites are listed as the first batch of national bases for energy science education by China Energy Research Society (CERS) on Dec 19.

Shi Yubo, standing vice president of CERS, delivers a speech at the ceremony on Dec 19.

Tan jiansheng, senior vice president of CGN, gives an interview with a reporter.