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China's first self-developed EDG to debut in Liaoning


An emergency diesel generator (EDG) developed and manufactured by CGN Research Institute, a CGN subsidiary, passed a group of tests on Dec 27, 2017 and will be delivered to Hongyanhe nuclear power plant (NPP) in Northeast China's Liaoning province.

It's China's first self-developed EDG for gigawatt-level nuclear power units, and marks a step forward toward more technological breakthroughs in its field. It signals that China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) has sharpened its competitiveness in supplying EDGs.

As the ultimate electricity provider of an NPP, EDG has been dubbed a “quick-acting heart-saving pill” since it provides emergency power in case of accident. When there is no power supply available outside the plant, EDG will supply electricity within a specified time and enable the reactor to maintain its core functions and go into a safe shutdown.

Besides a diesel engine and a generator, an EDG system also includes 10 plus electromechanical instruments and some 30 auxiliary devices. The design necessitated high R&D expense as it is quite complex and has demanding technical requirements.

CGN began EDG research and development for Phase II of the Hongyanhe NPP in 2015, and has studied research results carefully to solve technical problems as they arose. It has helped pave a solid foundation for EDG’s further development and production.