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Namibian former president speaks highly of CGN’s Husab project


Namibia's founding president, Sam Nujoma, recently visited the Swakop Uranium (Namibia Husab mine) -- one of the largest Chinese investment in Africa -- and gave full recognition to CGN’s efforts and achievements in the project.

It was the former president’s second visit to the construction site since the ground-breaking ceremony held in May, 2014, when he unveiled a stone inscribed “HUSAB MINE”.

Nujoma greeted staff members in Chinese with “Nihao”, or “Hello” in English, and was briefed on the construction and production of the uranium mine project.

Namibia former president Sam Nujoma shakes hands with employees at the Husab project in Namibia.

As a landmark project of economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa, the Husab uranium project has played a significant role in promoting bilateral cooperation and local economic development in Namibia.

In the main control room of the hydrometallurgical plant, CGN’s manufacturing techniques related to leaching, ion exchange, and solvent extraction were particularly highlighted and the Chinese company’s production capacity was affirmed by the 88-year-old engineer.

Nujoma was a geologist and showed great interest in the geological structure of the ore property, adding that Namibia is rich in mineral resources and boasts huge economic potential.

Namibia former president Sam Nujoma is briefed on the mining operations of the Husab project.

The Husab uranium reserve ranks third in the world. CGN’s investment in the Namibia projects is helping to fully tap that potential, said Nujoma.

On top of economic development, he was also concerned about national education and local project employees, saying that he hopes the economic benefits brought by the country’s mining industry can be translated to improvements in the education and living standards of local people.

At the project’s on-site exhibition hall Nujoma was informed of its progress and the other achievements CGN has made in the course of going global.

Namibia former president Sam Nujoma inspects a model of the Husab project’s hydrometallurgical plant.

The African country has abundant resources in wind and solar energies, and CGN is welcome to continue investing in Namibia, Nujoma said.

On the comment book, Nujoma wrote that he was deeply impressed by the achievements of the Husab project.

He ended his visit with a suggestion that CGN build up a school for children of employees.