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Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power reports good achievements


Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Co, a subsidiary of China General Nuclear Corporation, achieved remarkable results in safe production, environmental protection, innovation & international benchmarking, information disclosure and public communication last year.

Its spokesperson Ma Gang provided figures at a press conference on Feb 28.

Journalists at the press conference

In 2017, the company's on-grid power generation reached 28.47 TWh. Since its commercial operation on July 21, 2016, the Ningde NPP has been operating safely and stably and had an accumulated on-grid power generation of 86.10 TWh by the end of last year.

The Ningde NPP in Fujian province

According to the 12 indicators for Pressurized Water Reactor power plants published by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) in 2016, its operating nuclear power units' 30 WANO indicators were in the world's top decile among a total of 48 indicators, a record high in the company’s history.

The Ningde nuclear power base under the clear blue sky

WANO organized some 30 experts to conduct a three-week peer review at the base last year. The NPP won the highest appraisal among all the domestic NPPs by far, especially in personnel training, experience feedback and observed operating valueoperation shift team observation.

As a clean and low-carbon source of energy, nuclear power is stable, economical and efficient and plays a key role in optimizing China's energy structure. The on-grid power generation of Ningde's four nuclear power units in 2017 was equivalent to a reduction of standard coal consumption of 8.8 million tons and carbon dioxide emissions of 23 million tons. The emission reduction effect corresponds to afforestation of 60,000 hectares.

A panorama of the base

According to the data collected from 21 monitoring stations within a radius of 10 kilometers, the radioactivity of the surrounding areas was the same as that of the areas before the operation of the Ningde NPP.

Last year, the NPP received more than 24,000 visitors and organized promotional activities to publicize responses to emergencies as well as disaster prevention and mitigation.

In addition, the company also joined hands with local government and travel agencies to launch nuclear-power themed tours, which greatly improved transparency and enhanced the visitors' experience.

The Open Day of Ningde Nuclear Power Co on Aug 7, 2017

The base won two national honors for its public dissemination of nuclear-related scientific knowledge in 2017.

It has a total of 188 local employees and has recruited more than 3,000 local people to work for its contractors.

Journalists from more than 10 media agencies visited the job fair held by the company after the press conference.

Ma Gang (R) in an interview at the job fair

"It's the second fair of its kind held by the company", spokesman Ma Gang said in an interview, adding that company would continue to give local employment a priority in the future.