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CGN initiates China's first offshore wind power engineering service team


China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) and a group of enterprises in Guangdong province has established China's first offshore wind power engineering service AE team to further promote development of Guangdong’s offshore wind power industry.

Shu Guogang, senior vice president of CGN, said that the concept of AE originates from the United States and is an abbreviation of Architect Engineering, which means design and construction integration.

The core of AE is collaboration and progress. There are two key points. First, it is possible to efficiently build large-scale complex projects by integrating internal and external organizations and integrating resources of the entire industry chain. Second, AE companies can play a leading role in project construction and lead other companies in the industry chain to ensure progress.

According to Shu, by taking the lead in establishing an AE team, CGN hopes to gain traction in Guangdong's huge offshore wind power market. It aims to create short-term and high-quality offshore wind power projects at low cost through scientific, technological and institutional innovation, efficient integration of high-quality resources and steps to enhance core competitiveness.

It is believed that by relying on rich experience and significant advantages, the introduction of the AE mode and the implementation of a large team operation, CGN will certainly contribute to large-scale, high quality and intensive development offshore wind power in Guangdong province.

In recent years, CGN has promoted the coordinated development of the entire industry chain relying on the nuclear power AE model. It has successfully promoted the construction of up to 16 nuclear power generating units. Projects' safety, quality, progress and cost have all been effectively controlled.

Offshore wind power construction is also a complex systematic project. The creative introduction of the nuclear power AE model into offshore wind power project construction is an active exploration by CGN for offshore wind power in China and an attempt to develop it

According to the “13th Five-Year Plan for Wind Power Development” issued by the National Energy Administration in 2016, by 2020 the nation will have 10GW of installed offshore wind power capacity under construction and the cumulative on-grid installed capacity is expected to exceed 5GW. It is foreseeable that against the background of the 19th CPC National Congress advocating "promoting green development and strengthening the clean energy industry," China's offshore wind power development will reach a climax.

The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to the development of offshore wind power and regard it as an important starting point for building a strong marine economy, expanding the blue economy and adjusting the energy structure. They propose a strategic plan for building a trillion-scale offshore wind power industry.

In December 2017, Guangdong Province's Development and Reform Commission issued the "13th Five-Year Plan of Energy Structure Adjustment Implementation Plan of Guangdong Province”. It shows that by the end of 2020, the province is expected to have more than 12GW of installed offshore wind power under construction, of which over 2GW will have been built.

CGN has attached great importance to the development of the offshore wind power industry for years. In 2016, CGN 's Jiangsu Rudong Offshore Wind Power Project began operations, which is the first truly offshore wind power project in China. It has since attracted widespread attention.

By the end of 2017, CGN's offshore wind power reserve capacity had reached more than 13GW, and the company had won several large-scale offshore wind power projects.

At the end of 2017, the Yangjiang Nanpeng Island 400MW project was approved. It is China's largest volume of offshore wind project to be approved for a single project so far. On Dec 21, 2017, CGN and Jieyang city signed a 3MW of offshore wind power development agreement. The two sides will cooperate in developing deep water sites with deepwater offshore wind power technology and building an offshore wind power engineering base and research and development center. On Feb 27, 2018, CGN signed an agreement with Shanwei city for development and construction of a 900MW of offshore wind power project in Shanwei’s Jiazi town.