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CGNNT, Thailand cooperate on advanced nuclear technologies


CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co Ltd (CGNNT) will further expand its overseas layout with agreements and memorandum sealed with Thailand at the Sustainable Energy & Technology Asia (SETA 2018), which kicked off in Bangkok on March 21.

CGNNT subsidiary CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator Technology Co Ltd signed with three Thai companies to promote and supply electron accelerator technologies and products, including electron beam technology to dispose of industrial wastewater.

The Chinese company amazed the SETA 2018 Exhibition with its cutting-edge nuclear technologies used in radiation imaging and industrial wastewater treatment and widely applied to environmental protection, food preservation, medical sterilization, security, and modified polymer materials.

CGNNT boasts the world’s leading technique of using electron beams to treat industrial wastewater, coupling core equipment and treatment processes with independent intellectual property rights, according to CGNNT General Manager Hu Dongming, who added that the company also completed a world-first demonstration project in this field.

The electron beam technology, listed as a major research area for peaceful use of atomic energy in the 21st century by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has unique advantages in dealing with pollutants that are tricky to address using conventional methods.

It can be used to treat effluent from papermaking, chemical and pharmaceutical plants and wastewater containing complex chemicals from industrial parks, as well as for bio-safety disposal of some hazardous waste.

CGNNT is the largest domestic manufacturer of industrial electron accelerators, and has a larger market share than any of its Chinese competitors. Having exported 22 sets of electron accelerators to nearly 10 countries and regions, the company also holds a leading position in overseas countries, especially in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

CGNNT was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Feb 27, 2017, becoming China’s first non-power nuclear technology application company to go public. Its parent company, China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) is the largest nuclear operator and the second largest company in clean energy in China; it is also the world’s largest nuclear constructor and third largest nuclear power company in terms of installed capacity in operation and under construction.

At present, CGN has 20 units in operation and eight units under construction, with the total installed capacity reaching 31.47 GW. The conglomerate continues to achieve sound development in various fields such as nuclear fuel, new energy, financial service and nuclear technology applications.