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CGN-developed Baicheng PV Top Runner projects connected to grid


The 200-MWe Projects 4 and 5 in Baicheng, Jilin province, constructed by CGN New Energy Holdings Co Ltd as part of the third Photovoltaic Top Runner Program, realized full-capacity grid-connected power generation on Nov 16.

Covering 4.67 million square meters, the Baicheng Photovoltaic Top Runner Base commenced construction on June 11 this year.

It encountered great difficulties during the rainy season, as most of the project site is saline-alkaline land and marshland. With an innovative use of drainage ditches and sludge treatment, it still managed to shorten the construction period to 155 days. No casualties or accidents occurred.

Meanwhile, the adoption of a “PV+” mode allowed the lowest point of the components to be no less than 2 meters above the ground, therefore not impacting the growth of crops under the equipment.

Once in use, the project will provide an estimated 310 GWh of clean electricity annually. It is of great importance to Northeast China’s socioeconomic development, energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as the grid parity for solar energy.

The National Energy Administration planned to build 10 bases under the third Photovoltaic Top Runner Program. The Baicheng base is the only one in Northeast China.

Bids for the projects under third Photovoltaic Top Runner Program closed in late April, and CGN New Energy Holdings Co Ltd won a quota of 760 MW, representing 15.2 percent of the total and ranking second in the country.

CGN aims to use its expertise in engineering construction, production, operation and maintenance to build the Baicheng base into a demonstration project and share its successful experiences, said Chen Sui, chairman of CGN New Energy Holdings Co Ltd.