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Intl Forum on Clean Energy opens in Macao


The 7th International Forum on Clean Energy opened in Macao on Dec 11, aiming to spur technological innovation in smart energy and energy blockchain technology, as well as enhance cooperation between China, ASEAN and other Belt & Road countries.

Macao was one of the starting points of the ancient Maritime Silk Road. The Belt & Road Initiative has bolstered it as a platform for China’s economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN and Portuguese-speaking countries, especially in smart and clean energysaid Su Shuhui, director-general of the forum, at the opening ceremony.

As the world's largest energy producer and consumer, China has entered a new era of international energy cooperation. Enhanced energy cooperation is not only a result of China's own development needs, but is also essential to the coordinated development of many countries. China is willing to take on more responsibilities, according to Ji Lin, vice chairman of the China Economic and Social Council.

Chen Dehai, secretary-general of the ASEAN-China Centre, pointed out that accelerating energy transformation and achieving green low-carbon development is a common goal of the international community. China and ASEAN share a similar economic foundation and need for energy transformation. Their cooperation in this sector has been making steady progress in recent years.

China and ASEAN are close in both geographical location and culture. Both are abundant in clean energy resources and have a huge demand for energy. This lays a solid foundation for their cooperation in technology, funding, market demand and investment, said He Yu, chairman of CGN.

He proposed that enterprises from both regions take full advantage of their respective strengths to propel global energy transformation through stronger cooperation in nuclear energy, renewable energy and the application of nuclear technology. 

CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator Technology Co Ltd, CGN Environmental Technology Co Ltd and CGN Energy International Holdings Co Ltd briefed the audience on the latest electron beam sewage treatment and plasma-based hazardous waste treatment technologies, as well as the latest updates of overseas clean energy businesses.

The forum was sponsored by the International Forum for Clean Energy (Macao), the ASEAN-China Centre, and the ASEAN Centre for Energy.

Founded in 2012, the International Forum for Clean Energy (Macao) is an international nonprofit organization that strives for the adoption of clean and renewable energy in an environmentally-friendly society. It is committed to researching clean energy policies and promoting clean energy by strengthening its research and development and increasing investment.