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CGN chairman attends China-Italy market co-op forum


He Yu, chairman of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), attended the China-Italy Third-Party Market Cooperation Forum in Rome, capital of Italy, on March 22.

The forum was held by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

After the forum, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Italian counterpart Sergio Mattarella met with more than 300 business representatives, as well as attendees of the China-Italy Entrepreneur Committee and China-Italy Cultural Cooperation Mechanism conferences.

Xi thanked the personages of business and cultural circles from the two countries for their longstanding efforts and contributions to promoting bilateral economic and trade cooperation, deepening mutual understanding between people from the two countries, and strengthening the China-Italy friendship.

He praised China-Italy relations as being strategic partners featuring mutual respect and trust, cooperative partners featuring mutual benefit and win-win result, and cultural exchange partners featuring mutual learning. "I have full confidence in the future prospects for China-Italy relations," the Chinese president said.

Xi noted that as next year marks the 50th anniversary of China-Italy diplomatic ties, the two countries will hold year of culture and tourism in each other's country, and will embrace new cooperation opportunities in various areas. He urged personages of business and cultural circles in China and Italy to contribute more wisdom and strength to cooperation between the two countries.

Mattarella agreed that the two countries enjoy a traditional friendship and have a long history of trade and cultural exchanges, noting that under the new circumstances, the Italian government will support companies and cultural circles of the two countries in economic, trade and investment cooperation, and all types of cultural exchanges.

China and Italy should work together to elevate their economic and trade cooperation to a new level, and expand cooperation on cultural Silk Road, in a bid to bring greater benefits to the people of the two countries. They should also jointly respond to challenges facing the world today and lift bilateral ties to new heights, he added.

Chinese and Italian business and association representatives are also optimistic about the prospects of China-Italy collaboration. At a number of parallel forums later that day, they held in-depth discussions on how third-party markets can take full advantage of their strengths and enhance cooperation in transport and infrastructure construction, energy, manufacturing, and finance.

Lu Wei, general manager of CGN European Energy Company, chaired the energy forum, at which entrepreneurs shared their experiences and discussed future cooperation in the third-party market.

CGN has long been operating businesses in the China-Italy third-party market. Its 44MW Malicounda solar power station is jointly operated with Chemtech Solar. Located near the equator, it enjoys ample solar resources that are expected to push its total installed capacity to 100MW.