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Warmly! CGN overseas employees enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival together with arts and moon cakes.


“As the bright moon shines over the sea, from far away you share this moment with me”. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, CGN Energy International organizes local employees in Malaysia, Brazil and other countries to enjoy the Mid-autumn Festival through a series of vivid and interesting activities, such as learning to make moon cakes, learning Chinese and tasting moon cakes.

Enter the community, make moon cakes, learn cooking skills

Chinese and foreign employees celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

In Malaysia, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second largest Chinese festival following the Spring Festival. However, the Mid-Autumn Festival is not only for Chinese people, other local people also actively participate in the festival, which reflects people's respect for different cultures.

On September 24, EDRA Company, a subsidiary of CGN Energy International, organized Chinese and foreign employees and the public welfare organization Women of Will to carry out a “Moon cake Workshop” together to experience the production process of Chinese traditional food, and share it with residents in surrounding communities to enjoy a good festival and share delicious food.

On that day, lots of Chinese and foreign employees learned to make Red Beans and Lotus-Seed-Paste Snowy mooncakes. Under the guidance of several chefs, several employees learned to weigh and knead glutinous rice dough, and then added melon seeds into the red beans and lotus-seed-paste stuffing, and finally packaged the moon cake.

The employees who participated in the activity said that although they often eat moon cakes, it was the first time to make moon cakes, which was very interesting.

EDRA has always focused on the community development program for vulnerable women, and through cooperation with the Women of Will, it provides a platform for single mothers and vulnerable women to improve their livelihood sustainably, and in novel coronavirus pneumonia, it provided support for 520 families. A member of Women of Will said that after learning how to make moon cakes for the first time in 2019, they began to sell moon cakes, which were favored by customers.

After the mooncakes were made, EDRA employees immediately went into the community and distributed them to children and women in the community. Mr. Liu Yi, the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of EDRA, said that it was very meaningful for Chinese employees and local employees to share the joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival with local employees, and convey the joy to the residents of surrounding communities.

Learn Chinese, taste moon cake and show talent

Overseas employees enhance their understanding of Chinese traditional culture

Different from Malaysian colleagues who are familiar with the meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the employees of Brazil Company, CGN Energy International, work in Curitiba, Brazil, still stay in the stage of “a Chinese traditional festival” and “eating moon cakes at night” for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In response, Brazil Company, CGN Energy International held a Mid-autumn Festival Celebration on September 22, local time. During the activity, an animated short film was shown and introduced the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but many employees still did not understand “why do people and rabbits live on the moon?”

In addition to being curious about this Festival, Brazilian colleagues are full of expectations for moon cakes. In order to meet everyone's wishes, Brazil Company, CGN Energy International purchased a batch of Dongrong and Cream Custard moon cakes in the local Chinese supermarket, and distributed bilingual greeting cards of “blooming flowers and full moon” in both Chinese and Portuguese. It's the first time for many employees to taste mooncakes. Silvio Benhur Vergara de Oliveira, who is from the Engineering Department, said, “it feels like a doughnut with stuffing.” Juliana Arins, a female colleague from the Human Resources Department, exclaimed “Delicioso” in Portuguese.

Brazil Company, CGN Energy International, also delivered moon cakes and greeting cards to all employees of each power farm, so that everyone could feel the warmth from the CGN family. After tasting the moon cakes as they wish, several Brazilian employees were eager to learn Chinese. Under the leadership of Chinese employees, several Brazilian employees learned the Chinese “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” and sent their best wishes to all colleagues of CGN via video.

Even though they are geographically separated, CGN Energy International's employees all over the world enjoy a bright moon and celebrate a festival together. Through this cultural exchange activity, foreign employees can get to know China and understand China and enhance the cultural integration of Chinese and foreign employees.