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The largest Gas-fired Power Project in Southeast Asia which is CGN owned was fully put into operation.


On March 31, CGN Edra Malacca Power Plant(EMPP) was fully put into operation, becoming the largest combined cycle gas turbine power plant in Southeast Asia.

EMPP is a key project of Peninsular Power Generation Development Plan in Malaysia from 2021 to 2039. It is constructed and operated by CGN EDRA Company, with a total installed capacity of 2,422 MW and a total of 3 units, the construction was officially started on December 29, 2017, and the Unit 3# was put into commercial operation on February 28, 2022. The power plant adopts the world's most advanced and efficient gas turbine technology and is equipped with combined cycle generator sets, with a power generation efficiency of more than 60%, which can meet about 12% of the total power demand of the Malaysian Peninsula, provide clean and stable power for 4 million families in the country, and make a positive contribution to the economic and social development of Malaysia.

In the process of construction and operation of EMPP, CGN has always adhered to the basic principles of “Safety First, Quality First and Pursuit of Excellence”, overcome the severe challenges posed by COVID-19's high incidence and prevention and control measures. During the construction period, there were no record of safety accidents in total 14 million hours, and won many national and world-class safety and health awards. It also effectively reduced project construction costs through innovative financing.

During the construction of EMPP, CGN EDRA Company promoted the development of the“the Belt and Road” as the task, and has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and has provided more than 2500 job opportunities for the local community, providing professional technology and knowledge transfer for local industrial and community development, and providing equipment procurement and technical services to relevant subcontractors and suppliers in Malaysia.

CGN EDRA Company focuses on the development of natural gas clean energy projects, withits main businesses being present in Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, UAE and Pakistan and other countries along “the Belt and Road”, and acontrolling stakein installed in-service capacity of 7,260 MW , and is the leading independent power producer in Southeast Asia. In recent years, relying on various corporate social responsibility initiatives of CGN EDRA Company, it has actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibility by assisting the local government in combating the epidemic, helping the development of education in surrounding communities and helping vulnerable women find jobs, and made positive contributions to promoting local economic and social development and cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia.

Mr. Pang Songtao, Senior Vice President of CGN, said that in the future, relying on the China ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership, CGN will continue to deepen the ASEAN market, jointly promote regional energy transformation, work hard with all partners, adhere to the principle of “win-win cooperation, pragmatic and beneficial to the people”, provide high standards of renewable energy, create attractive jobs and deliver a warm corporate culture, and promote the high quality development of the “the Belt and Road” and continue to achieve new results.