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3D digital model makes Daya Bay NPP safer


CGN Research Institute finished the construction of the 3D digital model of a conventional island of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on May 17. It marks a leap in CGN’s construction of the simulation platform for the replacement of NPP’s key equipment.

The workshop platform of the conventional island leads the nuclear power application around the world adopting high-tech 3D laser scanning, advanced data processing and optimized simulation technology.

The completion of the 3D digital construction provides integrated data support for simulation platform, offering multi-dimensional solutions to the simulated transportation of key equipment, workflow optimization and construction safety improvement.

The simulation platform scans the internal and external parts of the key equipment with a 3D laser to generate 3D data that will be used in the imitation of equipment replacement. It can greatly reduce the risks for the replacement of the NPP’s key equipment in reality through imitation.

The NPP, for most people, is a cement building, equipped with sophisticated equipment and no vitality. However, the imitation platform makes it alive. It obtains information about configuration and properties by scanning the power house inside and outside and generates a vivid 3D digital NPP.

CGN is committed to the development of the “nuclear power industry 4.0” featuring intelligent NPP construction by using high technology to safeguard the safe operation of the plants.