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[HPR1000 news] CGN wraps up blueprint for HPR 1000 demonstration unit


The complete set of construction drawings for the main building inside the nuclear island of CGN's under-construction Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) phase two project was published on Oct 31.

The design task was perfectly wrapped up as the last blueprint for the dome of the reactor containment building of the Unit 3 came out.

The main building inside the nuclear island is a key part of a NPP, involving the largest number of factories, a wide range of professional fields, requirement on high accuracy, as well as design with the greatest difficulty.

To ensure a smooth completion, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co, a subsidiary of CGN, worked out systematic measures to solve those problems.

On the one hand, CGN organized a professional technical team to address the tricky problems setting up a platform to analyze its structure and ensure the design quality.

Rapid response to field needs was provided coupled with positive management and control in various aspects.

A group of model employees and Party members also took the lead to deal with crucial tasks, making great contributions to the design work.

Units 3 and 4 of Fangchenggang NPP in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region adopts Hualong-one (HPR 1000) – Chinese Gen-III nuclear power technology with proprietary intellectual property rights, which is a HPR1000 demonstration project in China.