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CGN provides professional services for key components in the nuclear power industrial chain, including nuclear fuel, engineering design, technology research and development, engineering construction, and daily operations. By the end of July 2016, our nuclear power has a total in-service installed capacity of 17.09 GW (account


CGN takes full charge of the management and organization of project design, procurement, construction and commissioning, and facilitates comprehensive management of the preliminary planning, design, financing, procurement, construction, and commissioning phases.


Since 1999, the annual EDF safety challenge contest for the more than 60 units world-wide have been organized by EDF, and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase I have won 32 first prizes.



Chinese Generation-III nuclear power technology
Becomes the preferred reactor technology for the “going global” of China’s nuclear power


ACPR50S: Offshore Small Modular Reactor
The ACPR series of small reactors are multi-purpose small modular reactors with full intellectual property rights, including the offshore ACPR50S and onshore ACPR100.


China Techenergy Co., Ltd (CTEC) is the first company in China that provides self-developed integrated digital I&C system (DCS) solutions for nuclear power plants, and one of the few in the world to have this kind of ability and achievement.