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NPP Operating Performance

Since 1999, the annual EDF safety challenge contest for the more than 60 units world-wide have been organized by EDF, and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase I have won 32 first prizes.

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant has operated safely for 22 years, since 1994.


In 2015, CGN generally maintained safe operations in nuclear power plants. Among the indicators ofWorld Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO indicators), the six mature units of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and new units put into operation in recent years all performed well.

Among the indicators for six units of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, 65.3% have achieved the world’s excellent level (top decile), and
71.9% of the eight units newly put into operation have achieved the world’s advanced level (top quartile)