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ACPR50S: Offshore Small Modular Reactor

The ACPR series of small reactors, including the offshore ACPR50S and onshore ACPR100, are multi-purpose small modular reactors with full intellectual property rights (according to the IAEA, any reactor with a capacity less than 300 MW is Small Modular Reactor).

The ACPR50S, designed for the marine environment as a floating nuclear power plant, will be used to provide stable, economical and green resources, such as electricity, heat and fresh water, for China’s oilfield exploitation in the Bohai Sea and deep-water oil and gas development in the South China Sea. Also, it can be applied to island economies to offer residents energy and fresh water from the ocean.

In late 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the ACPR50S to enter the 13th Five-Year Plan as part of a program to develop experimental reactors. The preliminary design of the ACPR50S is underway. Its demonstration project will begin construction in 2017 and would be completed by 2020.

Meanwhile, the CGN is working on the ACPR100, which can be used in large-scale industrial parks and remote mountainous areas.


  • Mature technology: it has compact reactor design, combined with mature marine engineering technologies.
  • High safety level: it is the combination of active and passive safety systems and makes use of the advantage of sea water cooling and shielding.
  • Economical and practical: it adopts a long-cycle refueling scheme to be more competitive than conventional marine energy. It could be used as a comprehensive energy make-up station for marine exploitation to satisfy demand for energy, including electricity, heat, water, and steam in a marine environment.