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Established on Aug 15, 2006 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CGN, CGNPC Uranium Resources Co had 31.9 billion yuan of total assets and 8.7 billion yuan of net assets by 2015. It supplies nuclear fuel and technological services for NPP in a full life-cycle worldwide. As a professional supplier of nuclear fuel, it provides nucle


Uranium Trade: It controls the entire process from purchase, transportation, storage to marketing. It obtains qualification for specialized civil nuclear fuel import and export. It has full control over uranium purchase, transportation, storage and sales. It is qualified to act as an agent for import and export via ra


It provides customers worldwide with economical and reliable natural uranium through a commercial model integrating trade, production, research, and global resources control. It provides customers around the world with products and services at the front end of nuclear fuel circulation based on technical research and development