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1、Uranium Trade

It controls the entire process from purchase, transportation, storage to marketing.

It obtains qualification for specialized civil nuclear fuel import and export.

It has full control over uranium purchase, transportation, storage and sales.

It is qualified to act as an agent for import and export via rail of hazardous goods.

It is the first and only domestic enterprise with rail transportation qualification for radioactive substances (Category 7).

A sales branch in London, UK, was opened for uranium sales overseas.

2、General Contracting of Nuclear Fuel

General contracting for nuclear fuel covers all CGN nuclear power stations in operation and under construction.

Business: first to develop a supply model integrating national uranium, conversion, enrichment, and nuclear fuel assemblies.

Technology: introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced technologies to develop our own independent technological systems.

Manufacturing surveillance: full process coverage for manufacturing nuclear fuel assemblies.

3、Nuclear Fuel Processing

Position URC at the leading edge of the nuclear fuel industry chain to boost control and governance over the entire industry; build experience and human capital via partnerships in fuel assembly manufacturing factories, laying solid foundation for obtaining qualification to manufacture nuclear fuel assemblies and independently run manufacturing assembly factories.

4、Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage

CGN expands actively into the business of spent fuel to reduce the cost of and risk in operating nuclear power stations.