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CGN Energy Service Co., Ltd.,established in October 2010, it is devoted to energy conservation, emission reduction and effective use of energy throughout society and supplying clean energy products and services for markets and customers with high efficiency, good quality, high-value, and an approach of “low consumption of energy, low emissions and low pollution”.

Its businesses cover:
CNG and LNG application, transport, storage and supply, such as coal to gas and oil to gas conversions for residential, industrial and commercial users and ships and vehicles; infrastructure investment and construction, such as upstream natural gas resources development, urban gas pipeline networks and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) receiving dock.

Operational businesses:
Technological R&D in producing nature gas from biomass and energy utilization of waste resources, and the development , investment and operation of related projects;
Energy supply, including regional centralized cooling, centralizing heating and distributed cooling-heating-power supply in cities, and outsourcing services;

R&D in technologies and products in energy storage such as cooling and heat, and development of related projects.