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CGN Capital Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CGN, was set up on Feb 3, 2015, with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan and a net asset of 8.16 billion yuan.It supplies finance services, including...


1、Domestic and foreign investment platformsAt home, CGN Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. has handled several direct investment on equity business and A-share directional private placement business, while CGN Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd had c...


CGN Finance Co., Ltd.
Established on July 22, 1997, it supplies CGN and its member companies with professional financial services, as one of the group’s five professional financial services platforms (the services include centralized management of capital, investment banking services, financial assets management, credit financing, and risk management of debts).
CGN Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd.
Established on June 26, 2008, the company launched phases I and II of CGN's industrial fund in 2010, which raised seven billion yuan and three billion yuan, respectively. Of the amounts, 5.73 billion yuan has been used for investment in the Phase I while the fund raised in the Phase II had been entirely used up. In 2015, it started the Phase III and raised a fund of five billion yuan, which would be used in the clean energy sector.
CGN Huasheng Investment Limited
Founded and registered in Hong Kong in 2010, it is the group’s sole management center for foreign capital and an important overseas financing platform. It handles daily settlements, cross-border payments, financing planning, cross-border and overseas lending, and overseas investment.
CGN Insurance Broking Co., Ltd / CGN Insurance Co....
It is a nationwide insurance brokerage intermediary institution set up in July 2013, with abundant insurance underwriting experience of large-scale ventures, including insurance and risk inspection of construction and operation of generation I and II nuclear power units and new energy projects such as offshore wind farms and overseas mining.
CGN Captive Insurance Co., Ltd.
Approved by Hong Kong’s Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for establishment in December 2014, the company offers insurance services for the group. As a member of the China Nuclear Insurance Pool and the Nuclear Industry Reinsurance Association (NIRA), it is relatively strong in risk control and insurance arrangements for nuclear power stations and is China’s only independent company dealing with risk-based inspection in the nuclear power field.
CGN International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
Founded on July 11,2014, the company specializes in the fields including inclusive finance , energy finance and supply chain finance, assets management and financial consulting.
CGN Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, it focuses on development and value investment and has investment activity in the global capital market, including PE, cornerstone, anchoring and secondary market investment, and fixed income programs.
CGN Carbon Assets Management Co., Ltd.
With a goal of being among the top-three carbon stock jobber in the industry, the company mainly supplies consulting and inventory carbon assets custody services for the group’s carbon assets projects, and later will directly trade in the national carbon market.