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1、Domestic and foreign investment platforms
At home, CGN Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. has handled several direct investment on equity business and A-share directional private placement business, while CGN Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd had completed four cornerstone investment projects by the end of 2015 and achieved profits of 8.43 million HK dollars abroad.

2、 Centralized management of funds within the group
CGN Finance Co., Ltd. offers group-affiliated companies professional financial services, including centralized foreign exchange settlement, forwards and swaps.

  •  Capital monitoring and administration
  •  Financing cost reduction
  •  Management efficiency
  •  Information system improvement

3、Financing for major projects:

  •  Domestic nuclear projects:

Phase II of Hongyanhe project: smooth signing of a syndicated loan agreement.
Phase II of Fangchenggang project: an underwriting agreement with half of the fund acquired at fixed rate of 4.86 percent and another half at floating rate of 10 percent below the benchmark interest rate.
Inventory debt of Lingdong and Husab projects: lower interest rate to save more than 1 billion yuan in financing costs.

  •  Foreign nuclear projects:

The UK nuclear project: a term of 34years to save about 15 billion yuan in financing costs.
Rudong Offshore Wind Farm: fixed rates for 15 years to guarantee stable benefits.
Overseas clean energy projects (Malaysian project and Clover project): favorable financing conditions.

4、Centralized risk management of debts
In 2015, two foreign exchange hedging transactions worth 580 million dollars and 350 million euros and an interest rate hedge of 60 million dollars were handled for CGN member companies, which helped lower construction costs by 500 million yuan.

In 2015, the CGN Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. worked with external institutions to initiate CGN phase-III industrial fund, solar energy development fund and the Hengfeng series fund, amounting to 16.529 billion yuan.

6、Expanding financing channels
CGN Huasheng Investment Limited raised the cash concentration rates of the group’s foreign capital from 85 percent in early 2015 to 94 percent, raising floating loan limits to$1.48 billion dollars from $350 million dollars, largely enhancing fund availability and reducing financing costs by 15 percent.

7、Insurance broking services including captive insurance

  • In 2015, CGN Insurance Co., Ltd. planned the insurance for the group’s newly-constructed nuclear projects in the coming three years, finished purchasing insurance and making reinsurance arrangements for Gen-III HPR1000 projects, for the first time acting as a reinsurance broker.
  • It has joined the China Nuclear Insurance Pool as a “special member”, enjoying the “preferential treatment” of premium accumulation and reinsurance rights.

8、 Carbon assets development and sales service
In 2015, CGN Carbon Assets Management Co., Ltd (Beijing) registered 22 new voluntary greenhouse gas-reduction projects involving 2.45 million tons of gas, which resulted in 14 million yuan in business income.