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CGN Nuclear Technology Application Co., Ltd. is an industrialization platform the CGN built on June 23, 2011 to develop strategic industries in non-power nuclea...

Core businesses

It is an all-in-one solution provider of industry-leading nuclear technology instruments and equipment.
Its products and services contain reactor dedicated I&C system, online irradiation monitoring system, radiation protection and environmental monitoring equipment, channel radiation monitoring equipment, radioactive decontamination product, radioactive source supply and movable neutron imager.
It is China's leading service provider for electron beam irradiation.
It supplies special cables and modified engineering plastics, including cable-used high polymer materials, high-performance engineering plastics and eco-friendly recycled materials in food, drugs, medical supplies and cosmetics. It owns a specialized lab, the only one in China to pass the CNAS assessment, which is able to handle validation of electron beam irradiation sterilization.
It is China’s leading producer of eco-friendly cable jacket materials and the leading manufacturer of special cables and modified engineering plastics
Products include cable polymer materials, high-performance engineering plastics and recycled materials which are widely applied in fields such as power, automobiles, communication, electrical appliances, rail transportation, marine engineering equipment, nuclear power, and new energy. Some products have been traded in foreign markets.
It is China’s leading researcher and manufacturer of industrial electron accelerators.
It produces high-frequency and high-pressure electron accelerator, resonance transformer electron accelerator, high-energy electron linear accelerator, electron curtain accelerator, non-destructive test (NDT) accelerator and its under beam transmission system, which are selling well in Pakistan, India, South Korea, the United States and other international markets.
Scientific Research Competencies
  • The company has insisted in regarding scientific and technological researches as one of its core engines for innovative development. It has achieved more than 200 patents and 2,000 technological know-hows.
  • - one academician workstation
  • - four national and provincial postdoctoral scientific research stations
  • - two national third-party certification labs
  • - 13 local scientific research centers
  • - 11 high-tech enterprises