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President Xi‘s visit to UK opens “Golden Era”, CGN Leads Illustrious Time


On October 19, 2015, invited by British Queen Elizabeth II, President Xi Jinping departed for London to officially start a five-day super state visit to the UK. It is the first time that Chinese Head of State conducts state affairs visit to the UK over the past 10 years. Both sides hope this visit would launch a “Golden Era” for the Sino-UK comprehensive strategic partnership.

To respond to President Xi’s visit to the UK, from October 20, CGN and other 5 Chinese brands including China Poly Group Corporation, Kweichow Moutai Group, Gree, JDB and Gansu Construction Investment (Holdings) Group Corporation jointly published 6 brands advertisements in full page in the influential Financial Times, which attracts wide attentions and warm reaction from international public opinion.

(CGN lead Chinese brands boarding on FT)

In the brand advertisement published by CGN, a big heavy book was on the main picture, integrating the Imperial Palace and Big Ben and other cultural elements, which means the vast and profound cooperation between China and UK and is going to turn a new page. The Chinese Letters “Golden Era, Illustrious Time”(“黄金时代 璀璨英华”) in the advertisement not only echoes the era theme that the cooperation between China and UK is entering golden era but means Sino-UK cooperation in nuclear is entering a new historical stage where development and use of advanced nuclear power technology are inevitably bringing new opportunity for both sides. In addition, the brand slogans “Natural Energy Powering Nature” and “To Make Our Sky Clearer and Water Cleaner” are also reflected in this advertisement.

As China’s biggest nuclear operator and the world’s largest nuclear constructor, CGN has 14 units in operation or available for commercial operation with an installed capacity of 14.92 GWe, accounting for 60.5% of installed capacity in operation of Chinese mainland and 12 units under construction with an installed capacity of 14.45 GWe, accounting for 52.4% of that under construction of Chinese mainland and 18.6% of the world’s installed nuclear capacity under construction.

In recent years, Chinese nuclear power “going global” is increasingly becoming known to the world and has been a bright card to the foreign countries. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang also actively introduce Chinese nuclear power to the outside in all kind of diplomatic occasions and senior visits. Following the national strategy of “One Belt and One Road” and nuclear power “going global”, CGN proactively and firmly makes layout in the international nuclear market. Chinese enterprise consortium led by CGN would active participate in investment and construction of the UK’s new built nuclear project and Chinese nuclear industry is expected make a zero-breakthrough in entering the developed countries.

Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, who has promised to be China’s strongest supporter in the western world, recently said for the second time that UK is firmly committed to develop relationship with China and hopes to be the most open partner. Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to the UK, stressed that during President Xi’s visit to the UK, both countries would start cooperation in the fields of high-speed rail, nuclear power, financial projects, promoting enterprises of the both sides deeply developing investment and cooperation. It would be a major highlight in this senior visit if CGN could make breakthrough in developing British nuclear market with nuclear power cooperation “Big Move”.

As a main force of “going global“ of Chinese nuclear and with the mission of ”making the sky clearer and water cleaner“, CGN always makes it as its chief responsibility of providing safe, environmental, economical electricity for the society. Besides the development of nuclear energy, CGN also regards promoting ecological civilization as a basic standard of fulfilling social responsibility and promise. The development concept of “safety, innovation and transparency” is what CGN has permanently insisted. In the golden era of Sino-UK cooperation, the partnership in nuclear is not only CGN’s goal but the common will of the two countries.

Link: Financial Times is the world’s well-known international financial media and published in over 140 countries and regions. There are over 1.6 million readers in the four editions of America, UK, Europe and Asia.