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[CHINA-ASEAN Exposition] CGN Strongly Recommended “HPR1000” to Southeast Asia Countries


On Sept. 18, the 12th CHINA-ASEAN Exposition was held at the Convention and Exhibition Center of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. China General Nuclear Power Group (“CGN”) appeared at the CHINA-ASEAN Exposition with its latest techniclal achievements of nuclear power technology represented by HPR1000 and nuclear fuel.

At this Exposition, through exhibition of the scientific and technological research & development ability, new reactor design, clean energy development achievements, more mature and stronger nuclear power industry chain, etc., CGN sufficiently exhibited the brand image of “safe and clean energy enterprise” and the characteristics of technically safe, clean, economical for HPR1000, enhancing the cognition of social circles with clean energy.

It is learnt that, HPR1000 is a Gen-IIImillion kilowatts power technology jointly developed by CGN and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) with independent intellectual property rights. HPR 1000, the Gen-IIInuclear technology with sustainable development characteristic, makes full use of China’s technical and talent advantages accumulated in terms of nuclear power plant design, construction, operation, research and development over the past 30 years, absorbs the domestic and overseas successful experiences in the design, construction and operation of pressurized water reactor, draws on the experience of the design concepts of international advanced Gen-IIIreactors like AP1000 and EPR, etc., relies on China’s existing nuclear power equipment manufacturing system and capacity, and sufficiently embodies the balance of safety and economic efficiency, the unification of advancement and maturity, and the combination of the active and passive system. As a Gen-IIInuclear power brand with complete and independent intellectual property rights in China, HPR1000 could be exported independently to other countries.

In addition, Units 3, 4 of Fangchenggang NPP, the demonstration project of HPR1000 and reference power plant  Hinkley Point C in the UK, are predicted to commence construction in the second half of this year, which will lay a key foundation for driving the large-scale “going out”of the industries like equipment manufacturing, etc., and cooperation with Thailand RATCH Group in the field of nuclear power in the future.

Just before the holding of the CHINA-ASEAN Exposition, CGN had a talk with Thailand DOUBLE A Group, RATCH Group, and Thailand Ministry of Energy respectively, and concluded the Cooperation Agreement of Fangchenggang Phase-ⅡNuclear Power Project with RATCH Group. In addition, in order to continuously push forward China’s nuclear cooperation with other ASEAN countries, and train nuclear power talents for the ASEAN, CGN and the ASEAN Energy Center, at Shenzhen Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base, held the first “CHINA-ASEAN Nuclear Power Capacity Construction Activity”, and concluded an cooperation agreement for nuclear power capacity construction.

Guangxi, as an important portal for “One Belt and One Road”, puts forth effort to create new portals and new hinges to be opened for cooperation with the ASEAN while accelerating the opening and development of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone and the Pearl River- West River Economic Belt, constructing international channels facing the ASEAN region, and accelerating strategic  opening and development of the southwest and mid-south regions. HPR1000 Demonstration Project settled in Fangchenggang of Guangxi Province is a concrete action for CGN to actively practice China’s strategy of nuclear power “go out” and “One Belt and One Road”. CGN will deepen the energy cooperation with the ASEAN based on new energy resources such as HPR1000, and make positive contributions for China’s nuclear power to “go out”.