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MELAKA. April 13: China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN), the owner of Edra Power Holdings Sdn Bhd, has struck a sponsorship deal worth RM5 million with the Melaka United Soccer Association (MUSA).

Under the three-year deal, the company's name will be displayed on the Melaka team’s jerseys, in stadium advertising, on tickets as well as in other events involving the state’s soccer team.

At a ceremony held in Melaka today to mark the sponsorship, Edra Chairman of the Board, Mr. Lin Jian, handed over a cheque for the amount of RM 5 million to MUSA President and Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron.

As the world's leading clean energy company, CGN’s sponsorship will help encourage sustainable training for the state’s young players and support soccer development organised by the association.

Founded in 1924, MUSA was the champion of one of the 2015 Malaysia FAM Leagues, which brought much fame and attention  to the state team of Melaka.

Edra is closely linked to Melaka since three of the company’s power stations are located in the state.

Such plants have not only improved people's livelihood, but also substantially contributed to the economic development of the state. Under the sponsorship agreement, MUSA will receive a grant of RM5 million from CGN-Edra in support of soccer development in the state.

The sponsorship would be provided in stages, i.e., RM3 million in 2016, and RM1 million each for the next two years.

"The Melaka football team led by the Chief Minister embodies excellence, hard work, as well as unity and cooperation – characteristics which symbolise the teamwork displayed by CGN-Edra," said Lin at the cheque presentation ceremony.

He said CGN was proud to team up with MUSA in efforts towards the development of the football team and soccer in the state.

CGN owns over 50 GW of power stations in operation and under construction worldwide.  CGN is an international group which focuses on the development, construction and operation of clean and renewable energy projects using fuels such as hydro, solar, wind, biomass, as well as nuclear, gas-fired and coal-fired power projects worldwide, including China, South Kora, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Australia, Singapore, Bangladesh, and France.

Over 8000MW of wind power capacity has been  installed, while the installed capacity of solar power projects has reached over 1200MW. In terms of nuclear power, the total installed capacity of operating and under construction projects amounts to over 32.4 gigawatts.

On November 23, 2015, after the three rounds of international bidding, CGN and Edra Global Energy Berhad finally signed a share sale and purchase agreement pursuant to which CGN will acquire the underlying assets of the former Edra.

The deal was completed on March 23, 2016, which led CGN to become the biggest foreign direct investor in Malaysia, and the largest independent power producer in both Egypt and Bangladesh, respectively. The deal also brings CGN's overseas installed capacity to 8.85 gigawatts.

Currently, Edra is the largest power provider in Melaka, with total installed capacity of approximately 1490MW. “Edra and CGN appreciate the opportunity to help improve the livelihood of the people in Melaka. We hope the new Edra can help provide immense energy to the nation and we would also like to see the Melaka Football team achieving further victories in the future,” Lin added.

Lin also proposed that CGN and Edra form a joint soccer team, and play a friendly match with the Melaka Football team as a way of deepening friendship and strengthening the development of a corporate sports culture between the parties.

Meanwhile, Guangdong Province in China, from where CGN originates, and the State of Melaka, which inked a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of the 'Friendly State and Province' took the pact further by establishing direct flights, while both parties would also work together to construct the Melaka Maritime Industrial Park. The sponsorship to MUSA by CGN as a major enterprise in Guangdong will further deepen the relationship and cooperation between Melaka and Guangdong.

Lin said, CGN always adheres to the "3N" (Neighbourhood) communication method in pursuing the policy of bringing safely, friendly and warmly relations to the communities where CGN serves, so as to enhance corporate transparency, improve social community and ecosystems, fulfill its corporate social responsibility, and assist industrial development while providing employment opportunities. He said that over 65,000 members of the public are invited annually to visit CGN's projects in China. The company has also established a number of Social Development Funds, emphasising on monitoring and preserving environmental protection, biodiversity, and recruited local workers to boost the local employment and social development.

The sponsorship to MUSA is only the beginning for CGN, Lin said, adding that business collaboration and cultural exchanges will be forthcoming to further deepen CGN’s cooperation with Malaysia, and to ensure a stable and reliable power supply for the country now and in the years to come.

At the same time, it will promote sports, cultural and other friendly exchanges between the two nations.