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African Presidents visited CGN’s Husab Uranium Project


On August 27,Hage Geingob, Namibian President along with the First Lady of Monica Geingos ,and Zambian President Edgar Lungu, made an inspection tour of  CGN’s Husab Uranium Project in Namibia, the largest industrial project invested by Chinese enterprise in Africa. They firstly listened the working report from CGN Swakop Uranium Company and visited the engineering camps, milling plant construction and mining production sites. Xin Shunkang, the Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, accompanied the tour.

(Zambian President Edgar Lungu, 3rd from left, front row,

Namibian President Geingob, 4th from left, front row)

It is learned that Husab uranium resources reserve ranks the third around the world, with a total investment of over $4.5 billion on the acquisition and infrastructure. Husab uranium project is not only the significant project of “One Belt and One Road”, but also an important result of CGN’s “Go Global”. Once the project completed and be put into operation, it would make Namibia the third largest uranium producer in the world, the annual export trade volume and GDP are estimated to increase by about 20% (more than $900 million) and 5% respectively. As a landmark project of economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa, Husab uranium project plays a significant role in promoting bilateral cooperation and local economic development in Namibia.

During the inspection tour, Namibian President Geingob highly praised the construction achievements of Husab project. He said that it was the first time to visit Husab site along with Zambian President Edgar Lungu, and they were deeply impressed by the construction activities. Swakop Uranium Company created a miracle in deserts through chiseling mountains and building roads and building construction camps. The Husab uranium project will directly provide 2,000 jobs, and the number of jobs indirectly created is predicted to decupled after commercial operation. He expressed his admiration to those workers who are committed to the uranium project which creates a win-win situation between China and Namibia. He hoped that Husab project would put into operation as soon as possible and at that time he would still visit the project and witness the miracle. When talking about the feelings of this visit, President Lungu stated that China and Zambia enjoy traditional friendship, same to Zambia and Namibia  He hoped that Husab project would become the benchmark of the industry and pass a positive cooperation signal to the world.

(The left: comments from President of Namibia, the right: comments  from President of Zambia)

On the comment book of Swakop Uranium Company, President Geingob writes that he was deeply impressed by the achievements of Swakop Uranium Company in such a short time. The company chisels mountains and builds roads with 2,000 employees have places to stay. The results are brilliant and gratifying.” President Lungu writes that Husab project with huge investment is a symbol of China’s commitments to Africa.”

It is the first time and rare in the history of Namibia that Namibian President Geingob who took office in March visited the company along with another country’s president which fully shows the Namibian government’s confidence and high expectations to Husab Uranium.

The visiting delegation with a total of about 30 people also included the senior adviser of Namibian President, major cabinet ministers and the governor of Erongo Province etc.