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Our Bussiness


Power Generation
The biomass power station, located on 45 Shipyard Road, Singapore 628136, contributes more than 62.5 million kilowatts hours of clean energy to the national grid of Singapore per year. Excess energy generated by our 521KWp photovoltaic system is being consumed within the facility.
By tapping into the extensive experience and expertise accumulated through years of managing and operating nuclear and renewable power assets, the company will continue to expand its capacity and market share in Southeast Asia.

Electricity Solutions
CGNPC Solar-Biofuel Power (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. provides electricity solutions as an electricity retailer to commercial and industry users that prefer renewable energy in their energy mix. The company delivers simplified clean energy packages to meet the needs of customers without complex mechanisms that are often confusing.
Solar Leasing Business
CGN’s Solar Leasing Business Model is structured in a way that commercial or industry customers are charged per unit of electricity consumed, with little or no cost for the installation of photovoltaic systems on the rooftop of its premises.
Our business model works well for companies that support renewable energy but are unwilling to fork out millions of capital to install such a system. The cost of electricity supplied to the customer from our PV system is cheaper than that of the power grid, saving thousands of dollars for our customers.
CGN will design, supply, install, and maintain the photovoltaic system and absorb all the risks of electricity production for 20 years, over the length of the leasing contract. We provide a cheaper alternate for you to go green, call us for a consultation!