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CGN Presented at World Nuclear Exhibition in France,Earned Huge Attention by Three Major “Innovation Stars”


On June 28, 2016, the 2nd World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) was held at Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Center. CGN participated in the exhibition as the golden VIP sponsor and set up a booth in China Exhibition Zone to present its proprietary innovative technologies with core competitiveness and global potential to international customers. Many international customers were attracted by CGN’s advanced technologies like China’s proprietary Gen-IIInuclear power technology HPR 1000, ACPR series SMRs,    FirmSys, which is the only in China and the 5th in the world independent Nuclear-grade DCS Platform.

CGN is the fifth largest nuclear power operator and the largest nuclear power constructor in the world and is playing an increasing part in the international nuclear industry. Especially after signing the investment agreement with EDF for constructing nuclear power plant in UK and being selected as the investor in new nuclear power project in Romania, CGN had attracted tremendous attention.

In this exhibition, CGN displayed its layout in international market, prominently presented its three major core capabilities in nuclear power operation, engineering construction, scientific and technological R&D. The “three brothers” of CGN nuclear power technology-HPR 1000, SMRs and FirmSys also made grand appearance. The display area of Hualong International Nuclear Power Technology Company was set up at the center of the shared area between CGN and CNNC to promote and present HPR 1000, Chinese Gen-III nuclear power technology with proprietary intellectual property right to the international customers.

As the reference NPP of UK’s Bradwell B project, the demonstration project of HPR 1000, Unit 3 of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant attracted a great attention. Model of Unit 3 of Fangchenggang NPP displayed the reactor core, double containment, and the in-vessel retention (IVR) of molten corium by separate routes. That was one of the star attractions at this exhibition and many international customers asked the construction progress of Unit 3 of Fangchenggang NPP.

Besides participating in exhibition, CGN had also held and participated in a series of round table discussions and seminars. The development of international market was benefited from over 30 years’ nuclear power construction performance and capability of CGN. While in France, in the afternoon of June 28, CGN discussed and released the “Engineering Management and Performance of CGN”, mainly introduced its capabilities of engineering design, construction and modification to achieve “going global” of CGN.

SMR is a kind of nuclear power technology with international development prospect. As self-developed multi-purpose SMRs, ACPR series SMRs have been included into the national energy scientific and technical innovation “13th Five-Year Plan”. In the afternoon of June 29, Senior Vice President of CGN Zheng Dongshan hosted round table discussion to specifically explore the “technology development, challenge ahead and market prospect of SMRs”. Dr. Shuai Jianyun from China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute shared the international advanced technology of SMRs with experts from EDF, NuScale Power and Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries.

General nuclear-grade DCS platform “FirmSys” is developed by China Techenergy Co., Ltd., one of the CGN’s subsidiaries, and is mainly applied in the safety-grade I&C systems in NPPs. “FirmSys” is the solution of over 10 critical technologies and filled in the domestic gap in the field. Furthermore, “FirmSys” has an excellent performance in the market, right now it has been used in Units 5&6 of Yangjiang NPP, Shandong Shidaowan High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Demonstration Project. Besides, supply contracts have been signed with Units 5&6 of Hongyanhe NPP, Units 5&6 of Jiangsu Tianwan NPP and HPR 1000 demonstration units of Fangchenggang NPP.

China Techenergy Co., Ltd. is the first and only enterprise which could provide Digital I&C System (DCS) solution for nuclear power plants based on its own products in China. Techenergy is among a small number of enterprises which are able to provide the same service in the world right now following Westinghouse of US, AREVA of France and Mitsubishi of Japan.

World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) is held every 2 years and the second session is in 2016. The theme of 2016 exhibition is “Civil Nuclear Industry in Global Energy Mix”. The overall exhibition area is 50% larger than the first time. Over 700 enterprises from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle-East and US participated in the exhibition. The exhibition lasted from June 28 to June 30. During this period, a series of award presentation, round table meetings, seminars for exhibitors were held and over 10,000 of professional audiences were attracted to the site.