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CGN Won the Bidding of the First Batch of Floating Offshore Wind Power Project in France


On July 22, 2016, French Ministry of Energy and Environment announced the result of the first round of bidding for the pilot floating offshore wind power project. The consortium composed of CGN Europe Energy and French partner Eofli Company won the bidding of Groix project in Bretagne in Atlantic coast. The project would consist of 4 floating offshore wind power units each with capacity of 6 MWe. The total capacity of the project would be 24 MWe.

This was the first tender for largescale floating offshore wind power project in France and also in Europe. It would be of great value and significance for the development of offshore wind power industry and floating wind power technology in the future. As the first non-native enterprise in France, CGN Europe Energy stood out in the fierce competition and won the development right of the first batch of pilot floating offshore wind project in France, made a major breakthrough. This was also the first time for Chinese enterprises entering the field of floating offshore wind power technology.

As the future direction of development, floating offshore wind power technology has broad development space. Floating offshore wind power technology takes more than 70% of global available offshore wind resources. Such technology also has great market potential in China and Asian-Pacific Region.

By winning the bidding of this project, CGN could deploy in the floating offshore wind power market, accumulate and master the development and investment experience of floating offshore wind power project and grasp preemptive opportunities in global floating offshore wind power industry in the future.