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CGN made appearance at International Youth Nuclear Congress Young scholars displayed international style


On July 25, 2016, the 9th International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) was held in Hangzhou. The theme of this congress was “Nuclear Powering the Good Life”, and nearly 500 young experts of nuclear science and technology from 32 countries and regions were attracted to the congress. 15 young scholars from CGN attended the congress with the latest nuclear power academic researches. Since most subjects of nuclear power engineering application focused by them were related to current problems in the development of nuclear power industry, they were recognized by experts from different countries, thus the youth brand of CGN got popularized in this most influential youth academic congress in the global nuclear power field.

“CGN is the largest and the most experienced nuclear power operator in China right now. It is running more than 40 branch companies and has 35,000 employees around the world and it is dedicated to providing customers with clean, safe and affordable energy.” At the opening ceremony, vice president of CGNP Su Shengbing addressed the congress with the speech of “CGN grows with youth”.

According to Su shengbing, CGN is a young and energetic corporation. It has 35,000 employees so far, among them 24,000 are under the age of 35, accounting for 70% of the whole staff. Young staff has become the fresh force and backbone in promoting the reform and development of CGN. It’s learned that since 2014 CGN began to pay close attention to the activities of IYNC and provide great supports, dispatched young personnel to attend the congress for exchanges and built the platform for helping young people in the world to better communicate with each other in nuclear power field.

In the exhibition area of CGN, as China’s Gen-IIInuclear power technology with independent intellectual property right, “HPR1000” was definitely the most eye-catching star. During the exhibition visiting, deputy director of China Atomic Energy Authority and deputy director of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, Wang Yiren came to visit “HPR1000” model, and highly appraised the achievement of CGN in engineering construction and safe operation.

Deputy director of China Atomic Energy Authority and deputy director of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, Wang Yiren visited the exhibition area of CGN

In the congress, CGN announced that the nuclear power plant model of “HPR1000” with attractive appearance would be a mystery prize given to the selected lucky attendee. That attracted dozens of attendees and made them stopped.

A scholar from Malaysia stood in front of CGN’s clean energy comprehensive development exhibition board, consulted the current international business of CGN. Another graduating student who would gain master degree soon showed interest in the cultivation plan made by CGN for youth talents, and particularly inquired the “Egret Program” of CGN.

On the afternoon of July 25, young scholar of CGN Li Runsheng gave the academic speech of “Measuring the liquid level of pressure vessel according to the physical phenomenon” which attracted the attention of foreign scholars. A Canadian Scholar, Mayank inquired the application of this achievement. When he was acknowledged that it had been applied in many units and the further promotion was undergoing, he gave his praise to Li Runsheng in the audience.

Nuclear science and technology subjects displayed by CGN young scholars attracted many international and domestic scholars who had their thoughts and ideas violently conflicted here. Through the communications and exchanges with scholars from other countries, young talents of CGN have also expanded their academic vision and strengthened their academic accomplishment.

In the following week, 15 young scholars of CGN would make technical exchanges with young nuclear science and technology experts from 182 international organizations, governments, enterprises, research institutes and colleges through oral presentation and poster session. They would also focus on the nuclear power development to exchange and discuss opinions on the future of nuclear power based on the hot topics of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear safety, nuclear fusion, nuclear technology application, public involvement, talent cultivation, etc.