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Six professional labs:
- Human Factors Engineering Lab
It is able to realize systematic integration of digital man-machine interface functions of control, display and alarm, and has established experimental tools and methods in accordance with a certain operation personnel to handle human factors analysis and verification, which can conduct both dynamic and static verification and evaluation of man-machine interface.
- Digital I&C Comprehensive Testing Lab
- Digital I&C Comprehensive Testing Lab
This is the first time for China to introduce large-scale nuclear power engineering simulators to project construction and application, which helps formulate a comprehensive technological center for nuclear power plant simulation, design, and testing.
- Virtual simulation laboratory and collaboration platform for digital nuclear power engineering:
The center is China’s first research institution to establish complete virtual simulation systems, tools, and platforms for nuclear power, a leading support platform builder of digital collaborative design, numerical simulation, virtual reality and nuclear emergency technology.
- Automatic Welding Lab
First realization of the automatic welding application in primary pipe of nuclear power plant in china, which has broken the bottleneck of automatic welding for the ultra-narrow gap of nuclear-grade primary pipe, and developed the whole set of technologies, including design, welding materials, welding techniques, and testing.
- Metal Lab:
It owns advanced residual stressing apparatuses that can test welded joints and pipes, offering related data for refining techniques.
-Commissioning Technique Research Lab
First commissioning research institution integrating product, industry, study, research and application in nuclear power, owning key techniques in whole cycle DCS configuration test and fault diagnosis, main pump dynamic balance, steam turbine generator unit vibration monitoring and fault handling, thermal performance and reactor core stimulation analysis, which can be fully applied into nuclear power project construction.