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- More than 50 National Invention Patents and Utility Model Patents
- Technological breakthrough in solar thermal power generation trough and Fresnel type heat-collecting, molten salt heat storage and tower-type thermal power generation
- Self-developed new trough heat collector close to internationally advanced levels in key indicators such as heat collecting efficiency, steel dosage.
- Self-developed collectors reaching the level of similar first-rate international products (the heat-collecting efficiency equal to that of ET150, a product of the German company SBP)
- Designed and installed the first verification platform of high altitude double-tank molten salt heat storage.
Calculation and evaluation software development for CSP plants’ generating capacity
- Mastering the critical technology all-in-one solutions for CSP plant construction in high-altitude and low-temperature areas with strong wind

Demo CSP plants:
Qinghai Delingha CSP pilot plant (Phase I):
The plant has been completed, covering more than 200 m u, with experimental benches such as 1.6 MWt trough type, 1.6MWt Fresnel type, 10 MWht double-tank molten salt heat storage, 1 MWht high-performance concrete heat storage, 4 MW oil and water heat exchanger, 1500 KW turbine
CGN Delingha 50MW commercial parabolic-trough CSP plant:
Construction work began in July 2014 on the plant, which will be the first commercial CSP demonstration plant in China and the first one in the world built in a high-altitude and low-temperature area. With the total cost of nearly 2 billion yuan, the plant will be put into service in 2018.