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The research and development activities of China Techenergy Co., Ltd. (CTEC) aims to help nuclear power customers achieve better security and more efficient plant operations at a minimum cost and with the lowest environmental impact. The company was appointed as the National Energy NPP R&D Center for NPP Digital I&C Systems by the National Energy Administration (NEA) in early 2010, making it the first national research and development center granted that title. The Center supports CTEC's commitment to developing digital products, systems, and solutions for nuclear power customers. Through the Center’s platform, the company has been concentrating on the development of nuclear power I&C platforms, research of related key technologies and industry standards, and cultivation of professional specialists.

Since 2011, CTEC has undertaken several major research subjects, such as the national science and technology major project called “Development of Digital I&C System Platform with Independent Intellectual Property for Large-scale Advanced PWR and HTR NPPs”.