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Clean Energy

On-grid GCN clean energy in 2015 was 107.9 billion kilowatts. This represents an avoidance of consumption of almost 34.63 million tons of coal; and reductions of emissions of carbon dioxide of 85.11 million tons, sulphur dioxide of 0.82 million tons, and nitric oxide of 0.54 tons.

These results are the equivalent of planting 0.24 million hectares of forests.

Environmental monitoring

We have built strict environmental monitoring systems and environmental surveillance record systems in all our present nuclear power plants, and persistently supervised and analyzed the air, soil, water, flora and fauna within 10 km of the plants at fixed times. It is our obligation to release monitoring data to the public and accept public supervision.

There are 10 monitoring stations within a radius of 10 km of Daya Bay NPP base.

There are 12 fixed radiation monitoring stations in Hong Kong.

Environmental radioactivity of the area surrounding the Daya Bay NPP Base has not changed compared with historical background data before its commencement of operation.

The actual measured results at Daya Bay NPP tested by our Thai cooperative partner: 0.101nGy/h.

The local radiation level in Guangzhou near Daya Bay NPP was:0.0693~0.2669nGy/h.

Protecting biodiversity

We know that ecosystem protection is necessary, and we endeavor to reduce the erosion of biodiversity. We exclude areas with high value of biodiversity at the planning and design stage. We endeavor to protect plants and animals in the process of constructing and operating our nuclear plants by means of ecological restoration and investigation of the habitat.

Namibia Husab Uranium Mine
CGN Swakop Uranium Development Company won a local prize for vegetation protection in 2014.

CGN Namibia Husab Uranium Mine attaches great importance to environmental protection. In the process of constructing permanent water pipelines, CGN Swakop Uranium chose an optimal route several times to transplant only three welwitschias, an African plant. One hundred precious welwitschias, the average age of which was over a millennium, were protected in the original construction plan.

CGN also took specific protective measures to protect a local lizard.

CGN Swakop Uranium restored vegetation at the mine. They also delivered some New Zealand grebes to local bird experts after their discovery.

CGNPC's Second Euro Green Bond Issuance and the Related Documents

With the group holding company China General Nuclear Power Corporation (“CGNPC”) as guarantor, the second Euro Green bond of CGNPC International Limited has been announced. The issuance is another milestone for the Chinese power industry and the international renewable energy market, which not only strengthens CGNPC’s leading market position as China’s clean energy giant and state-owned renewable energy player, but also provides support to CGNPC’s continuous commitment in the renewable energy market. The green bond proceeds will be used to finance and/or refinance eligible green projects (only solar and wind energy), and expect to bring significant positive environmental impact. The following documents are published alongside this Announcement: The CGN Green Bond Framework, Management Statement and the Deloitte Independent Assurance Report.

CGNPC's Inaugural Euro Green Bond Issuance and the Related Documents
CGNPC's Second Green Bond Issuance and the Related Documents

CGNPC Annual Green Bond Report(As of 30 Nov 2018)

CGNPC Independent Limited Assurance Report