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Swakop Uranium endeavors to be a “good resident” of Namibia.

The Namibia Uranium Mine, which was constructed and operated by the Swakop Uranium, a subordinate to CGN, is China’s largest industrial investment project in Africa. The company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, desiring to be a good neighbor of the local inhabitants.

Helping the local economy

During the period of mine construction, the Husab project will bring more than 6,000 direct and more than 8,000 related jobs to the local people. It will also create more than 2,000 long-term jobs for Namibia after it is put into operation, which will increase Namibia’s mining workforce by 17 percent. After the project is finished, Namibia will become the world’s second largest uranium producer, with its GDP increasing by 5% and the value of its exports increasing by 20%. Bilateral trade between China and Namibia will be doubled.

Focusing on people’s livelihood

We respect local people’s livelihoods in communities, and have established foundations to carry out charitable projects supporting children and women.

Local staff

Swakop Uranium attaches great importance to employing and training local staff. In 2015, Namibia’s local staff made up 90% of the project workforce. The company invested 3.12% of its annual wages budget in training staff at different levels, cultivating a huge number of highly skilled people for Namibia’s mining industry. It was a win-win situation.

Supporting development of education

We annually subsidize local outstanding students and actively support educational institutions to improve facilities and textbooks.

Focusing on sports

To support sports in Namibia, Swakop Uranium held the Husab Cup Marathon on a class-A road built by the company. The Marathon attracted more than 500 athletes.