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CGN has been popularizing the knowledge of clean energies and advocating the principles of openness and transparency to more people through public communications and science popularization to improve our operation in the following ways:

Zero-distance Experience

Seeing is believing. We voluntarily invite the general public to visit CGN and our clean energy bases, so that they could see the daily operation and management of CGN.

Public Open Days
CGN invites the general public to visit nuclear power bases to meet with nuclear power specialists, to look closely at nuclear power plants and their daily operations.

Industrial Tour
Thanks to the rich tourism resources in the clean energy industry, CGN organizes travel routes for industrial tour or micro tour to bring more people closer to clean resources.

Science Popularization Exhibition Halls
CGN established nine exhibition halls with the theme of nuclear power to popularize systemized knowledge of clean energy. The number of visitors reaches 250,000 annually.

Science Camps
CGN offers various experiences and activities, such as summer camps, winter camps and start-up camps, where teenagers can learn about nuclear power.

Out-reaching for Face-to-face Communication

CGN holds communication activities in communities, schools and cities. Going into the communities, where it has worked with neighborhoods on science popularization in various forms.

Exhibitions, such as large national gatherings, fully displaying its corporate image in a visual, lively way.

Offering nuclear power courses in schools, which are a major target for nuclear power promotions. In 2015, such courses were taught in nearly 70 schools in the nine nuclear power bases nationwide, with more than 15,000 students.