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Taishan Nuclear Power Plant receives Macao delegates


A group of 34 delegates from Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) visited Taishan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) on Nov 24.

Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co Ltd (TNPJVC), a Sino-french joint venture co-invested by China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) and French electric utility company EDF, is primarily in charge of the financing, construction, operation and management of Taishan NPP Phase I, and is liable for the final safety of the project.

The group of delegates consisted of officials from governmental departments including the Public Security Forces, the Information Bureau, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Economic Services, and Fire Services, as well as working members from such social communities as the Macao Neighborhood Federation, Macao Federation of Trade Unions and Macao SAR Red Cross.

Guo Limin, general manager of TNPJVC and Deng Zhengping, the assistant general manager of TNPJVC, had in-depth discussions with the delegates.

Being the first representatives of Macao to visit Taishan NPP, the delegates toured the facility in order to get acquainted with nuclear technology and safety. They also attended an exchange conference.

During the conference, spokespersons from TNPJVC gave detailed presentations about Taishan NPP, including its project progress, information disclosure, environmental protection and community charities.

While visiting the science exhibition hall, delegates learned about nuclear power generation principles, nuclear power plant safety barriers, safety protection and other popular science knowledge, as well as observing Gen-III nuclear power technology.

The delegates visited the power plant construction site gaining a zero-distance observance of the under-construction nuclear and conventional island, then boarded a 108-meter viewing terrace to have a bird's eye view of the construction site.

The delegates also visited Taishan Nuclear Power Emergency Command Center to receive on-the-spot education about topics that are of great public concern to Macao, such as safety supervision and emergency management.

Since its construction, TNPJVC has insisted on open, transparent publicity and has actively invited the public to visit the nuclear power base to experience and understand the nuclear power plant’s construction and production operations. CGN also initiated an annual activity called “public open day” on Aug 7, inviting public representatives to visit the power plant and has received 500,000 visitors as of 2016.

Adhering to concepts of openness and transparency, TNPJVC holds annual news conferences to disclose information about its project progress. In addition, TNPJVC has established its own official website, and has created a public account on WeChat to upload the latest information and strengthen public awareness of Taishan NPP.