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CGN to co-build China’s first radioactive waste treatment facility


The CGN Research Institute, an affiliate of CGN Power, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to co-build China’s first demonstration plasma facility for reducing the volume of low-level radioactive waste with Beijing Orient Landscape and Environment Co on March 22 in Beijing.

By taking advantage of high temperature plasmas, the facility will be capable of decomposing the waste into simple molecules, and generating a glass-like slag that will completely encapsulate the radioactive nuclides inside. Upon completion, the facility will provide strong support for the sustainable development of China’s nuclear-related industries.

The CGN Research Institute will make full use of its research and development of waste disposal technology and equipment, while Orient Landscape will utilize its investment and operational experience in environmental protection.

   Both sides will explore innovative ways to integrate capital with the industry, collaborating in technological development for treating radioactive waste and solid wastes, decommissioning nuclear facilities, energy conservation and environmental protection. They will seek out co-development patterns through carrying out broad and multi-level cooperation in the basic research of new environmental technologies, new equipment R&D and infrastructure construction.

The CGN Research Institute is one of China’s key nuclear power research institutes. The institute has made a series of achievements in key technologies concerning the treatment of nuclear power wastes, developing proprietary plasma treatment technology, evaporation gas removal equipment and cement stabilization and solidification equipment.

Plasma treatment technology is an internationally recognized state-of-the-art solid waste treatment technology dubbed the “terminator of solid wastes”. The technology has been used for treating hazardous wastes, y ash from civilian solid waste incineration, special sludge and the innocuous disposal of domestic garbage.

Orient Landscape is a domestic environmental protection and resource conservation services provider. It engages in garden and landscape construction, environmental investments, operations and the development of eco-friendly technology.