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China joins hands with Thailand on peaceful use of nuclear power


Nur Bekri, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the National Energy Administration and his Thai counterpart Anantaporn Kanjanarat signed a cooperation agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear power in Beijing on March 29.

At the meeting, Nur Bekri introduced the development of nuclear power in China. 

With 36 nuclear power units in operation and 20 under construction on the Chinese mainland, China boasts the most nuclear power units under construction in the world, according to Nur.

China's nuclear power has not only maintained the first-class performance on safety and operation, but also accumulated rich experience in engineering construction and management,” Nur said.

China has developed the third-generation nuclear power technology with independent intellectual property rights and started to build some demonstration projects in recent years.”

Nur said China is pleased to provide Thailand with the most advanced and economical technologies with the highest level of safety as well as equipment, managerial experience and high-quality services.

In recent years, the two countries have conducted a group of cooperation projects on nuclear power. Nur Bekri mentioned the training program offered by Chinese experts and hoped to see more exchanges and better understanding in the future.

The director also made special mention of the country's largest nuclear operator – China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), and spoke highly of the company’s marketization and international development. He said further cooperation shall be carried out by enterprises of the two countries.

The meeting was attended by CGN's Senior Vice President Tan Jiansheng.