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CGN releases report on social responsibility


         China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), China's largest nuclear operator, recently published its 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. It is the sixth issue of the CSR report since 2012.

CGN Chairman He Yu said the corporation always keeps social responsibility in mind and contributes to the sustainable development of the economy, the environment and society in various ways, such as ensuring safe operation, independent technological innovation, the going global of China’s nuclear power industry, the promotion of clean energy and open and transparent communication with the public.

A pioneer of clean energy

As a centrally administered State-owned clean energy mega-corporation, CGN has been a pioneer in promoting China’s green transformation and is devoted to building a safe, clean and economical energy supply system that optimizes the country’s energy resource structure.

The report presents a surge in CGN’s clean energy generation, with an installed in-operation capacity reaching 43.71 GW, up 40.2 percent year on year. CGN's total annual nuclear on-grid power generation was roughly 115.6 TWh in 2016, an increase of 30.8 percent year-on-year. Its total installed new energy power capacity was 22.9 GW. CGN’s in-operation wind power capacity reached 10 GW in 2016; CGN is the fifth Chinese enterprise to reach that level.

A defender of nuclear safety

CGN always considers guarding nuclear safety its top priority and insists on pursuing excellence through detail-oriented craftsmanship. In 2016, 63.9 percent of WANO indicators of CGN’s 18 operating units reached the world’s top decile level, and 72.2 percent of WANO indicators reached the world’s top quartile. CGN’s nuclear power units have won 34 first prizes in competitions held by Electricite de France. Ling Ao unit 1, which is managed by Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co Ltd, a subsidiary of CGN, had safely operated for 3,964 consecutive days by the end of 2016, ranking first among 64 similar units worldwide even as it continues to renew the record.

A leader of China’s going global

The nuclear power’s “going global” has become a national strategy, and also promotes China’s Belt and Road Initiative. CGN has expanded its business network to the UK, Malaysia and Namibia, and made great progress in globalization. Its self-developed nuclear technology’s deployment in UK is a landmark of China’s export of technologies and gives weight to the transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

The report states that the effect of exporting a nuclear power plant using HPR1000 -- China's domestically developed third-generation reactor – is equal to the export of 200 medium-sized aircrafts, and will facilitate the going-global of about 5,400 Chinese high-tech companies in areas ranging from design to equipment manufacturing.

A promoter of low-carbon development

CGN is actively promoting low-carbon development and making a serious effort to fight air pollution. The company’s on-grid nuclear power generation in 2016 was 178.8 TWh, which reduced coal consumption by 57.28 million tons and cut emissions of nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide by 880,000 tons, 139.85 million tons and 1.37 million tons respectively, representing an equivalent effect of planting a 390,000-hectare forest, an area twice as big as Shenzhen city.

A model of transparent communication with the public

CGN is devoted to enhancing public understanding of clean energy, and promoting a transparent communication mechanism between the company and the public through various channels. The report states that the company received more than 60,000 visitors at exhibitions and another 500,000 people have visited the six nuclear power bases in operation. The company has offered nuclear power science education courses to more than 16,000 students from some 100 schools near nine nuclear bases nationwide. And its “Public Open Day” has become a popular activity among players in the domestic nuclear industry. At the end of 2016, CGN received an industrial award for transparent management.

CGN will continue to be dedicated to social responsibility and to seize every opportunity to advance economic growth, environmental protection and social development.