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Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base awarded for science popularization


        The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base of China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) was recently awarded for being an excellent science popularization and education base in China in 2016. The honor was given by the China Association for Science and Technology after strict appraisals.

The base has been always improving the publicity of nuclear power science and communicating with the public through various channels.

Last year, it invited journalists from Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, and the mainstream media outlets in Guangdong province to give live coverage and reports on the base, helping the public better understand CGN’s brand concept – “Safe, Transparent, and Environmentally Friendly” – and promote the popularization of nuclear power science.

Meanwhile, the base has organized a group of activities such as “A Day for Green Nuclear Power Science Popularization,” “Public Open Day,” nuclear power science courses in campus, and special tours planned for members of  National People's Congress. The base received about 600 groups and more than 40,000 visits throughout last year.

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base will further enhance the public understanding of clean energy and create a better social environment for the development of nuclear power.