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CGN holds first supplier conference, unveils tendering center


        China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) held its first supplier conference in Shenzhen, Guangdong province on April 14.

At the meeting, CGN General Manager Zhang Shanming and Shi Bing, the company's deputy general manager and chief accountant, unveiled CGN's new tendering center.

The meeting brought together more than 200 people, including supplier representatives from construction, equipment and service sectors and business executives from CGN's departments and subsidiary companies.

With a theme of "Quality, Integrity and Win-win", the meeting conveyed CGN's supplier management philosophy and encouraged suppliers to improve product quality and capability in safety management so that CGN and its suppliers can work together for win-win results.

CGN explained its supplier management policy, including its ratings system, company culture on safety and quality, requirements regarding honest and clean business management, and its plan to build a nuclear power quality ecosystem. Representatives from China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Corporation and Dongfang Electric Corporation spoke at the meeting on behalf of the suppliers.

Zhang thanked the suppliers for their support over the years, and analyzed the implications of the power market's ongoing supply-side reform for CGN. He expressed his hope that CGN's partners would adhere to the philosophy of "Safety First, Quality Foremost, and Pursuit of Excellence", continue to improve quality management systems, upgrade lean management levels, and provide quality products and services.

He called for deepening cooperation in market expansion, research and development, and financial services. Moreover, he noted that joint efforts should be made to develop innovative business models and tap overseas markets.

  By launching the CGN tendering center CGN has integrated tendering management, agent services and supplier public service platforms into one big platform. With technological support from CGN's e-commerce platform, the center will bear the responsibility for enhanced tendering management and control, reduced business integrity risks, and centralized supplier management, and provide integrated, convenient, efficient and transparent "one-stop services".