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Asia’s largest biogas project set to operate


A torch used to test the stable flow of industrial methane produced by CGN Energy Service Co (CGN Energy Service) was successfully lit in Hengshui, Hebei province on June 5.

It marks that Asia’s single largest biogas project is ready for commercial production.

The Hengshui Biogas Project is the second national biogas pilot project, following the one in Hutubi county, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. It is also CGN Energy Service’s another important project in the biogas industry.

The project has been awarded as a national engineering laboratory for the technology of pollution control and resource reuse in livestock and poultry breeding by the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Its operation will further consolidate CGN’s status as a leading player in the domestic biomass industry.

The project takes full advantage of local waste materials, such as corn stalks, livestock and poultry excrement, unused vegetables and fruits, and vinasse, to produce clean energy and bio-organic fertilizers after a complex treatment process.