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CGN sends 22 designers to assist HPC project


A group of 22 designers from China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) arrived in France on Sept 3 and 4 and will work for the Hinkley Point C project (HPC) for two to three years.

This was the second time CGN sent employees to France, following the first group of eight designers who arrived in the city of Tours on June 13.

This time, 15 of them will work in Paris and the other seven will work in Tours.

(Group photo of 15 designers sent to work in Paris)

CGN will dispatch 67 employees to assist the design of HPC project, which is located in Somerset of the UK and is a joint project between CGN and Electricite de France (EDF).

The arrangement was made according to the Technical Assistance Agreement Regarding Design of Hinkley Point C (RD-TAA) signed between EDF and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co, a subsidiary of CGN, on Sept 29, 2016.

As agreed, this year, CGN will send 50 designers to support the HPC project.

A total of 30 staff members are already in their positions and the remaining 20 will be there by the end of October.