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CGN’s unit records 4,000-day safe and continuous operation


Unit 1 of Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) at Guangdong’s Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base has achieved a record of safe and continuous operation for 4,000 days since March 26, 2005, ranking top among similar units around the world, announced China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) on March 14.

The first phase project of Ling Ao NPP, including units 1 and 2, was built in 1997 and put into operation in 2005. Based on the Daya Bay NPP - China’s first gigawatt-level commercial nuclear power plant, Ling Ao NPP improved upon 52 technologies, boasting a localization rate of 30 percent and highlighting automation of engineering management, installation, commissioning and operation preparation.

Most of its indicators are comparable with the IAEA’s new safety standards, which serves as a valuable reference for the global nuclear industry,” the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) praised.

The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base, comprising six gigawatt-level units, is the world’s largest nuclear power base featuring light-water pressurized water reactor . Since its first unit starting commercial operation in 1994, Daya Bay base maintained stable and safe operation, without any unplanned shutdown for 12 consecutive years, topping international advanced levels.

According to Pan Yinsheng, general-manager of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations Co, 49 of the base’s 72 performance indicators are ranked in the world’s top quartile (advanced level), with 43 ranking in the world’s top decile (excellent level).

Since 1999, Daya Bay has been awarded first prize 34 times at the international performance safety challenge held by EDF each year. Daya Bay has competed against more than 60 similar units from across the world, such as France and South Africa.

Pan said, “The base’s safe operation contributes to China’s nuclear industrial development, improves social confidence in nuclear safety, helps the country’s nuclear power go global and provides clean and stable electric power for Hong Kong and Macao residents.”

By 2016, the base had generated 618.05-billion-kWh of electricity and provided 223.64 billion kWh to Hong Kong alone. 

With more than two decades of safe operation, Daya Bay base, the first large-scale commercial NPP, has accumulated experience and has convinced people from all walks of life about the safety of nuclear power,” Pan said.