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Unveiled by the National Energy Administration on Sept 23, 2014, it was initiated by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation’s No.719 Research Institute, and co-founded by Nuclear Power Institute of China, CGN Technology Research Institute and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). This was the first in China that bui


It is dedicated to research on offshore floating small nuclear power plants, a combination of small modular reactors and ship engineering, which provide safe and effective energy for marine petroleum exploitation, life on remote islands, high-powered ships and seawater desalination. The center is working specifically on the si


ACPR50S: Offshore Small Modular Reactor of CGN ACPR50S is designed and developed by CGN Technology Research Institute and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation’s No. 701 Research Institute, an innovative technology with complete IP right. Currently, preliminary design work about ACPR50S have been done in the overall layout