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CGN Chairman He Yu Makes Proposal for Promoting Export of China-designed Nuclear Power Technology ACC1000

    During the 2014 NPC and CCPCC sessions, CGN Chairman He Yu, together with other 10 members of CCPCC, made a proposal to the CCPCC Session for promoting export of China-designed nuclear power technology ACC1000.
    In an interview on March 6, He Yu said that the ACC1000 is an indigenous third generation nuclear power technology jointly developed CGN and CNNC, which is now in the process from preliminary design to detailed design.
    He said, ACC1000 features the internationally advanced design concept of “combination of passive and non-passive safety systems”, with the technical indexes in compliance with the latest safety requirements in the world and in line with the US and European technical standards for the third generation nuclear power technology.
    He Yu said, ACC1000 is already available for export, which will spur the high-end equipment manufacturing capacity.