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CGN Juner New Materials become Jaguar Land Rover supplier


CGN Juner New Materials Co Ltd received a CS1NI-02-JB accreditation report from Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co Ltd on Aug 28, qualifying it as a supplier of the company’s X540 door plank materials and granting it orders for mass production.

The developments were another success for Juner, a subsidiary of CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co Ltd (CGNNT, 000881.SZ). The recognition by Jaguar Land Rover follows accreditation by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Infiniti, Audi and other high-end automotive OEM systems.

At present, people are paying closer attention to air quality inside their cars. Interior trims with lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and little smell have become an important development direction for plastic modifications.

Meanwhile, the use of high-performance engineering plastics and thermoplastic composite materials that can replace steel is reducing the weight of vehicles.

With the prolongation of CGN’s industrial chain, Juner has become a domestically leading producer of modified engineering plastics. When it comes to lightweight automotive materials, it is one of a few Chinese companies on par with those in the United States and Europe.

Established in November 2012, Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive is a 50:50 independent joint venture formed between Chinese auto manufacturer Chery Automobile Co Ltd and UK auto manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. It is the country’s first Sino-British premium automotive joint venture.

Since the domestication of Jaguar Land Rover, Juner has been active in communicating with the company through multiple matchmaking conferences and technical seminars. Jaguar Land Rover, for its part, went on several investigative field trips to Juner before certifying its quality and and techniques awarding the contract.